We specialize in targeting the highly sought-after Asian-American demo segments for advertisers with demanding multicultural marketing requirements. For Asia-based advertisers interested in reaching US general market consumers, we provide guidance with media planning and buying, and campaign management and analytics.

Target Customer Segments

  • Audience
  • Geo Location
  • Advertisers
  • Inventory Sources


  • US residents of Asian descent (Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese/Filipino etc.)
  • United States
  • US and multinational brands
  • US inventory of premium Asian-language properties (US IP-targeted) US ad exchanges

US General Market

  • US residents (mostly English-speaking)
  • United States
  • Chinese and Korean companies with desire to target US consumers
  • US ad exchanges


Over the past six years, we have been 100% focused on serving the needs of the top-tier American and multinational brands in reaching the Asian-American first generation segments in the United States. Based on the thousands of campaigns targeting the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and other Asian demo audience groups in the United States, we have garnered valuable insights that will help you succeed.
Admaru has inventory representation (exclusive and/or selective) agreements with the leading digital publishers based in China and Korea for their US inventory. Through these relationships, our clients are able to target the highly desirable in-language Asian-American traffic on these premium properties across display, mobile, and video.
In addition to premium media buying, Admaru's platform is designed to address the increasingly sophisticated demands of the "programmatic" media buyer. We use proprietary data and algorithms, combined with our data-based insights, to design and implement your audience strategies across display, mobile, Facebook, video, etc.
Admaru's media buying platform enables marketers to tap into the leading ad exchanges across the United States and China. Our platform is the only single-point online media buying system that allows you to buy across all US and China ad exchanges for maximum reach.
Admaru's platform provides you with a single-point access to all your campaigns across different Asian segments in the United States and the general market audience in the United States.
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Our mission is to help you reach the right Asian-American customer to achieve your marketing objectives. Our Maru platform provides a unified advertiser interface to plan, execute and optimize your campaigns.

Choose your target demo segment

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Asian Indian
  • Other

Select Placements from Type of Media Buy

  • Premium Guaranteed
  • RTB
  • Facebook

  • Ad formats and target device types are selected.

Refine Targeting Options

  • Standard
  • Re-targeting
  • Lookalike audience
  • Audience targeting (including third- and second- party data targeting)


We have been completely focused on the Asian-American segment, and our clients agree that our unique combination of premium-direct and programmatic approach leads to superior results. Read our Campaign Examples >

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