Google’s Video Policy Update – Implications for Publishers

What Happened?

In November 2023, Google announced major changes to its video ad policies, aiming to better align with industry standards and clarify expectations for publishers and advertisers. These changes, effective April 1, 2024, introduce new guidelines for various aspects of video advertising, including Sticky video ads, Accompanying Content Video Ads, video aspect ratios and sizes, and Autoplay conditions.

Key Changes:

  • Sticky Video Ads: A new policy that allows ‘sticky’ video ads.
  • Accompanying Content Video Ads (ACV): A new policy that allows video ads for ‘accompanying content’, emphasizing the distinction between ‘in-stream’ and ‘accompanying content’.
  • Video Aspect Ratio and Size: Requirements for standard aspect ratio and minimum player size have been removed.

Google’s Actions:

Coinciding with the policy update announcement, Google has also taken action against accounts operating in violation of its policies. Notable examples include non-compliant sticky video players and exceeding the content-to-ad ratio.

Impact on Publishers:

While some publishers may experience revenue decreases due to Google policy compliance, the introduction of additional video inventory options like Sticky and ACV, when utilized with Google Demand, presents an opportunity for improved revenue.

Strategic Recommendations for Publishers:

  • Compliance is Key: Review all current video ad implementations for compliance with Google’s updated policies. Modify any non-compliant placements or consider not using Google Demand on them.
  • Embrace ACV: Actively explore and utilize the new ACV ad product offered by Google. Designed to comply with Google’s regulations and maximize advertising effectiveness, ACV can significantly contribute to your revenue growth.
  • Continuous Improvement: Focus on improving ad performance to drive revenue. Design your video ads to meet key advertiser KPIs like viewability and VCR.


While these changes present challenges, they also offer opportunities for innovation and growth. Publishers who proactively and strategically adapt to these new regulations are more likely to find new pathways to success in the evolving digital video advertising landscape.

Admaru’s Support:

Admaru is committed to supporting publishers through this change. We encourage you to explore our solutions, including ACV ad products, and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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