Google’s Video Policy Update – Implications for Advertisers

Empowering Advertisers with Admaru’s Unparalleled Video Inventory

I. Seizing the Opportunity:

Accompanying Content Video (ACV)

Recent revisions to Google’s video advertising policies have ushered in a new era of possibilities for advertisers. Previously restricted product categories can now leverage Google’s demand, with a notable inclusion being Accompanying Content Video (ACV) alongside Sticky video.

This offers advertisers a unique opportunity to not only maintain their brand marketing efforts but also adapt to the evolving landscape amid the deprecation of third-party cookies. With these policy changes, advertisers can now tap into ACV, supercharging campaign performance by using video ads with contextual targeting features, while benefiting from competitive pricing.

Simultaneously, publishers find themselves in an even more advantageous position with ACV, enjoying additional revenue, compared to traditional display or outstream video ads.Anticipation is running high, as ACV promises to unlock exciting possibilities for both publishers and advertisers alike.

II. Why Admaru Stands Out

Admaru stands at the forefront, actively committed to supporting media outlets seeking to harness the full potential of ACV, along with Sticky video player functionality. With Admaru’s unwavering support, media outlets can rest assured that all prerequisites for these products are seamlessly in place, including:

  1. Cutting-Edge Video Player: Admaru provides its proprietary, stable, Google-compliant video player—a cornerstone for seamless content delivery.
  2. Streamlined Video Content Management Tool: Admaru’s suite of tools simplifies video content management, allowing advertisers to focus on their campaigns without the hassle of content management.
  3. Robust Video Ad Server: Admaru’s infrastructure boasts a robust video ad server, streamlining ad delivery and campaign management.
  4. Seamless SSP Integration: In anticipation of future programmatic deals or PML (Private Marketplace), Admaru ensures access to its own SSP, empowering advertisers to explore new avenues of growth.

With these comprehensive supports in place, Admaru is on the forefront of securing unique, high-quality video inventory for media outlets.

III. Real-World Success Stories

Several media outlets have already experienced remarkable success through Admaru’s ACV products, with more poised to join the ranks. Here are glimpses of real-world success stories:

  • Worldjournal: 
    – Through strategic content placement at the top of articles and the implementation of a sticky player feature, Worldjournal has achieved remarkable metrics, including high viewability, VCR and CTR.
    – The ability to implement contextual targeting has further amplified revenue, driven by superior advertising performance.
  • Major media outlets in Korea, such as Joongang, Chosun, and DongA, are gearing up to embrace this trend. 
  • The promise of programmatic connections and deals looms large, offering even more avenues for substantial growth.

In conclusion, Accompanying Content Video (ACV) presents an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to secure unique, high-quality inventory that can deliver exceptional ROI. With Admaru’s unwavering support and a growing list of success stories, this potential is primed for realization and awaits savvy advertisers ready to tap into its vast potential.

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