What Values Does AMMS Offer to Mobile Apps?

1. What is Prebid and How Does Prebid Help Apps?

Prebid, an open-source solution operated by Prebid.org, is a form of header bidding, which has been positioned as the most effective solution to media to improve digital ad revenue.  Through this open-source solution, many global demand partners, in addition to Google, participate in additional bidding. This significantly increases the chances for publishers to receive high-priced demands.

In mobile, Prebidding is executed on the server, unlike in the web where it is client-side (device, browser) executed which resolves resource issues efficiently. There are structural differences between web and mobile in this aspect.

2. What are the Benefits of Applying Google Ad Manager (GAM) to Mobile Apps?

When integrating ads into mobile apps, it’s common to use Admob by default. However, Google recommends ad revenue through GAM settings over Admob. As known, AdSense is popular on websites, while Admob is popular in apps. However, GAM can be used for both web and app inventories.

Prominent publishers use more GAM with Google Ad Exchange (AdX) than using Adsense on the web. Using Google Ad Manager (GAM), which can be used for both web and app inventory, provides various functions as well as a wider range of services. With GAM, you can also invite a wider range of Demand Partners to your advertising spots.

3. What Happens When App Uses Prebid + GAM?

Prebid allows the high-priced demands it wins and the high-priced demands secured by GAM through Google Ad Exchange to compete again. Therefore, publishers can allocate the best price for their inventory, considering all ad demands.

4. So, Why Choose AMMS for App?

Admaru operates its own SSP and Prebid server to ensure optimal and maximum mobile ad revenue. Leveraging years of experience in GAM operations, Admaru provides expertise in GAM inventory settings and SDK integration. Additionally, Admaru offers AMS (Admaru Media Solution), a revenue analysis tool, enabling publishers to easily track their earnings and performance.

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